Greenville County Coroner' Office Chief Deputy Coroner Mike Ellis

 "In my line of work as the Chief Deputy Coroner, I see tragedy on a daily basis. We are continually looking for ways to prevent death on our streets and highways and to protect our citizens and especially our children. My 16 year old son attended Budget Driving School and I can see a big difference in the way he operates a motor vehicle. Not only is he a much safer driver, he was taught to deal with the drivers of other vehicles. He has made numerous statements to me and to his friends that I know came from his experience with the Budget Driving staff. I have attended some of the classroom sessions and not only are they teaching safe driving, they also instruct the students on the proper way to deal with law enforcement, insurance companies, and other people if they are involved in an accident or stopped for a traffic violation. I highly recommend Budget Driving School not only for people who are just starting to drive, but to the experienced drivers of all ages. This is a complete driving school who teaches more than just driving."


Mike Ellis
Chief Deputy Coroner
Greenville County 

B. Parks Evans, Jr. (Greenville County Coroner)

 "Over the past ten years as Coroner for Greenville County I have seen countless traffic fatalities, many involving teenagers. We have implemented programs through our office with hope that we can help to prevent some of these needless deaths. We were offered the oppurtunity to make a presentation at Budget Driving School and jumped at the chance to talk to their students."

"When it was time for my son to start learning to drive, I made it mandatory that he attend Budget Driving School before he got his license. I knew the type of program the Osteens offered and wanted my son to be exposed to the extensive training that they give. The school made a lasting impression on him."  

D. Randall Massengale / Greenville, SC /

 To Whom it May Concern:  I felt compelled to provide a testimonial to the Budget Driving School on Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC. I put my son through the training course, including driver / defensive training, and finally the drivers test at this school.  I would just like to say that the Osteen's have a FIRST CLASS operation here.  They are professional, informative and thorough.   The instructors were superb. The visiting spokes-persons (in the class) were superb.  Everything from top-to-bottom was absolutely first class. The driving instructor (Bruce, in our case) was always in communication with us, on time, thoroughand strict (exactly what I wanted for my son). Any questions were answered promptly.  Jason, (who mans the phones, scheduling, etc.), is on top of everything and responds quickly to requests or questions. Additionally, they are one of few in SC that are certified to give the SC DMV drivers test.There are many other driver training schools out there, some cheaper and some more expensive. I did a lot of research on various schools in the area before deciding to go with Budget Driving School. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants their teen to have first-class training prior to obtaining their drivers license.  


D. Randall Massengale / Greenville, SC / 


 Over the past year or so, I have seen several messages go through the loop asking about good driver training schools for their children.  We have found a great one!  It is called Budget Driving School.  My son was able to go to their 8-hour instructional class one day over Christmas vacation (these are offered throughout the year), he was then given 6 hours of driving time one-on-one with a licensed instructor, AND they are licensed to give the DMV road test at their office!  The instructors were all extremely kind and good with the teenagers while still being very thorough and professional.  They also added about 45 minutes of parent “advice” at the end of the instructional class so we would know what to be working on and what they are looking for when the driving test is given.  They have a very high success rate of their students passing the driving test as well.  When we went to the DMV to get his license printed, the clerk was very familiar with them and totally trusted their judgment in their testing ability.  Best of all, their fee is fairly low in comparison to the other schools we investigated.   

M. Carson (Grandparent)

 "Rolf enjoyed the classroom and driving sessions. The classroom instructors were informative and very knowledgeable as well as the behind the wheel instructor! I have a piece of mind knowing he was well trained before he took to the road on his own."  

Mrs. R. Schnabel (Grandparent)

 "Excellent service! All children in family will use your services."